Les Wynn:
Great website!!!  The guy who did it must be awesome!!!  :) Jason Burrows:
I think Les is right!  The guy who did this must be awesome!! Katrina Ashe:
I miss ohio!!! Daniel Stevenson:
I Like Cookies Ben Braxley:
excellent website guys!  You make the Student Assembly proud Allen Eshmoili:
Hey Les -Great wesbite.  Lot's of useful info! Connie Torrence:
Shelley Mulvaney:
Nice work, guys!  I'm in the pta program at Kaskaskia Jr. College in Centralia, Illinois.  Got your address offa the Student APTA E-news.  What a great idea, to put this together.  ;)Keep it up!  ;)  P.S.  Nice spreadsheet!  that'll come in handy for the test... Andrea Pendleton:
e muito legal Robert M. Czarnecki:
Esther Frates:
jeremy foster:
excellent website
graduated 1996 Jamie Christensen PTA:
Graduated in 2004! This is an awesome website! Nicole Nielson:
Raspberry Newtons are frickin awesome! carol:
great site Jeffrey Eckert:
I'm a PT student at UU. Really enjoyed having Ken Freeman lecture our class a couple times this week. You guys put together a really great website. Good Job! Cory Raisor:
Nice site! The PNF videos are great! Lance Hendricks:
Scott Hargraves:
Great site. May I use it in my Neuro class? Joe McCaleb:
Website is well done! If you wish further information to add just ask. I may have something to offer from a PT perspective adrienne Haynes:
I am current PTA student site is helpful Jennifer:
This is a great site. Very helpful. Rob:
Sports Injury Therapy student Przemek:
physiotherapist Pam:
I am doing an inservice on Parkinson Disease and would love to use your viedo patterns using PNF.  I plan on giving your web site and PTA program all the credit for your hard work.  Thanks so much!  My PT said for me to blow his socks off, and I think this will do it! Rosita deChalus:
nice site! Terri Yanke:
Thanks for the review! Holly:
helpful information for studying awesome:) tanks Taylor College PTA:
Great site!!! Post Not Active Post Not Active
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